I ride with a Rose Bikes – The Bruce frame 2017 that I painted with a “coachbuilder” of my friend to the colors of my sponsors, and I’m rather happy with the result.

For two seasons I have ridden for RST, si for Dirt Jumping I use the RST Slope fork that is really perfect as it is solid and efficient, its operation is simple, performing and its design is top. I advise it to all Dirt/ Slopestyle riders as it is the best in terms of price/quality ratio! RST has really increased its level of performance in the last few years now and proposes reliable products at very reasonable prices.

Concerning the tires, I ride with Continental Race King for 6 years now as nobody wishes to change a winning team! The Race King absorbs very well and its grip is super thanks to its black chili rubber! This tire is light and its yield is high!

My cockpit sets up from the Millenium range, by Sixpack Racing, together with the Millennium AL pedals, really good products benefiting from a catchy design.

My chain is a KMC X9 SL Gold, a well-known brand and an incredible look!

The Shimano Saint crankset might be a little bit heavy but it is indestructible!!!

Favorite part

My RST fork, without any hesitation, together with my Continental tires!

Build advantages

From my point of view, it answers the key criteria of our sport, that is to say, it offers a good and balanced weight/solidity ratio.

My bike weighs 11,5 kg, good balance! I have had lighter bikes, but if it is to end up with a crankset or a fork that breaks because a lot of material was taken away to make the bike lighter and the parts are more fragile, I don’t see the point… and in our discipline, a part that breaks implies serious consequences!


I wanted a rather simple painting, but still classy, and of course I wanted to integrate my sponsors as it is thanks to them that I can ride great bikes and make a living with my passion! So it is also to thank my partners who trust me, and who have trusted me for years, as far as some are concerned!

Fred was fighting an injury this season but he is already on the way back to riding! Keep on shredding guys and stay safe!

For over 3 months I’ve had an injured back, after a false move while putting away my equipment after a show! I had organized 5 days of shows with 4 demonstrations per day, and I was tired… This injury is not that serious, but it takes time to cure! Lately, I feel better, I’ve started biking again and I am very motivated, dynamic, full of energy and positive waves for the end of the year and next season. I have great projects!

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