Dawid Godziek and Dartmoor Bikes announced that Dawid will join their Mountain Bike team and will shred the 26 bikes in 2018. This is some great news. I remember that Shaman brothers amazed us back in 2010 during the Slopestyle in our city. We had no doubt that these two will be a part of the big game on the scene, in the future! Look at them now! Red Bull world-class athletes, who amaze people all around the world with their riding skills!


I’m getting tired of the dirt scene getting down every year.


NSR: Hello Dawid, it’s amazing to see you back in the Dartmoor Bikes. Congratulations!

Thank you, I am amazed too! 🙂


NSR: I remember when you switched to BMX back in the time. We all know that you have become world-class BMX rider with incredible riding skills, but how do you feel about this BMX journey?

I switched to BMX but I still wanted to ride big dirt jumps as it was happening on MTB. I’m getting tired of the dirt scene getting down every year. Every year there were less BMX Dirt events and if any happened the jumps were small or in a bad condition. Everything is going towards skatepark riding and even on the X-games dirt 2017 – the course was very similar to a park course with box jumps… I feel like I could have much more fun on MTB courses around 😉



Can you hardly imagine Dawid rides the MTB? Be sure, that it is the perfect combination!



NSR: Do you have some big plans for 2018? Will be Dawid Godziek at the end of 2018 labeled as BMX or MTB rider?

I have a plan to ride the biggest BMX events this year and have some fun on MTB. I’m not sure yet what it would bring at the end of the season.


NSR: Is Dawid Godziek a new challenger in FMB World Tour?

He could be, but first of all – I need to start riding dirt on MTB because I haven’t yet.


I’m going to start with smaller contests


NSR: They say that Red Bull Joyride is a Superball of the FMTB world. Are you planning to qualify for this event?

I haven’t planned it, but it would be a dream come true. I’m going to start with smaller contests at the beginning of the season and then we’ll see.



We are looking forward to 2018 season and we cannot wait to see some MTB bangers from Dawid! We wish to Dawid a good luck and successful year! Thank you for your time! NSR


Make sure that you follow Dawid and stay in touch with his first MTB moves! @davidgodziek

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