Fred Austruy is a French mountain bike shredder who made a living from his passion, created a company “Bike Resolution” that presents several kinds of shows around France with his team. I guess it would be a shame to just post up his new video edit – Freedom and didn’t ask him for few questions!


NSR – Describe yourself

Hello Hello! My name’s Fred Austruy, I am from France, I live in Millau close to Montpellier and I’m MTB pro rider for ten years now. When I start the mountain bike there was no infrastructure like today, we built a lot, our own “stunt” with friends and I liked a lot the construction side: kicker, drop, reception … all in the forest!! It’s that I like this sport so much, being able to combine the physical and mental activity while being in a natural environment! I did a lot of competitions in slopestyle, mainly in France, where I had great results but very frankly I think I am not born competitor! I enjoyed participating in all these events but the pressure at the start before your run was not for me … I think there is nothing better than to build a beautiful line or beautiful spots and take some great shots, even though I think that FMB is a good event to promote our sport.



NSR – Your new video edit is called “Freedom”. Can you imagine life without a mountain bike?

Life without a bike would be complicated!!! It’s been 17 years that I ride and this sport just creates my life because. In the beginning, I was rather talented at football, when 11 years old, I was in a training center to become a professional football player. But by coincidence, I met a person who made me discover the bike and I quit football
to pursue my passion from that day!! I started in the cross country, but I needed more sensation so I tried DH and Freeride…Then I came to Dirt! When I was 19, I decided that I will do everything there is in my powers to avoid the routine and make a living from my passion. And now it’s almost 10 years, I am living my dream!! So life without
a bike? No way!! Haha.


Fred Austruy:

“Freedom means so much to me! It is the feeling I have when I ride in the untouched spot, wild and peaceful.Finally what we must remember about Mountain Biking is the pleasure to escape, to discover new places and the union between the naturals elements surrounding us… Which we tempt to forget in our day to day life and the consumerism frenzy…… Freedom isn’t about showing new tricks or ultimo performance but the real pleasure to ride at your own pace and level! Enjoy your ride!!!”



NSR – You have a company “Bike Resolution”. What is all about? Can you tell us more?

In early 2017, I created my own Freestyle show & event company called “BikeResolution”. We provide a number of services, to create concepts that fit different events within various disciplines such as MTB & BMX Freestyle, BMX Flat, Trial MTB, Scooter Freestyle, Unicycle Trial, Freestyle Foot … With my team, we now travel around France to bring to life new events. And it’s really great to introduce our universe to the general public and share our passion with the youngest!





NSR – What do you think about the current Freestyle MTB scene / Slopestyle? Would you change something?

The last couple of years, the overall level of riders is increasing at a crazy speed, especially in terms of tricks, that’s good! However, I find that sometimes on several courses including Crankworx Whisler the routes are so difficult by its length, and also by the size of the modules, riders have serious problems to get it through… so I think
sometimes the organizer sets the bar too high and asks too much from riders! Don’t forget that these guys are humans and not machines.. look this year in Whistler, how many riders made it to the end?! Very little… I also sometimes feel that the competition can take over the pleasure of riding, and the pleasure of being with friends on a great slopestyle course… I may be wrong but there is much more
pressure today on the event because of the large modules sizes and high competition.



NSR – Who do you ride for?

Big thanks to my partners who have been following me for several years now, and without whom I could not have realized several life projects! Rose Bikes, RST Suspension, KMC Chain, Continental, Giro, Kenny Racing, Zefal, UP’N Mind, GCTS Servant, Groupama, Unik Bike.



Fred Austruy Bike Check 

Frame: Rose Bikes – The Bruce

Stem: Spank Spoon
Bar: Spank Spoon
Grip: Kore Ikon Lock On


Pedal: Hope
Crank: Truvativ Descendant
Chainring: KMC X9SL
Saddle: Gusset pivotal fat jack



Rims: Kore Rivera
Hubs: Hope Pro4
Tires: Continental Race King 2.20

Brake: Formula R1 Racing



NSR – Whatever you want to say to every BMX & MTB rider on the planet, do it now!

Bring your dreams to life, give yours 300% to make it happen!!
Otherwise live life thoroughly, enjoy the present, do not wait for retirement because it will be too late! Ah! Kiffer life whatever level you are on a bike!!!


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